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Writer's Block: Surfin’ Safari

Do you bring your laptop on vacation? Is it to do work or homework or just for the joy of surfing/connecting?

I just went on vacation to California and I did bring my laptop but I barely used it.  Mainly because I would have had to pay for wifi at the hotels, and I get internet on my phone already.  I did however take advantage of Starbuck's wifi.

In the past when I've gone on vacation over the past few years I took my laptop because I was in the middle of classes, since I go to school online it was not to much trouble to stay on top of my class work Finding and getting a hotel with free internet is a whole other can of beans though. It seems it's actually easier to get free wifi from a motel (which generally are way cheaper anyway) then it is a hotel.  The only issue here is if you're going to a convention and want to stay at the hotel the convention's being held in.   You might get free internet in the lobby but not in your room which is a touch annoying. And at 12 bucks a day it's not worth it (to me anyway.)

My Motorola Cliq, a Google Android based "smart" phone actually worked out really well for me since I could keep a tab on what I was spending, keep from getting lost and find restaurants and other things I needed by googling them!   And if you wonder I am not a paid to say that  I pay to own the phone and use it. So I'm just a customer.  I still really found the phone very useful.

The Netbook, ...not so much.  I suppose if I got a 3G modem for it it might be more useful on a vacation....The itty bitty keys on the phone do get a little annoying after a while.

It's Tuesday!

So we went to Universal Studios today and are going back tomorrow. Later tomorrow is the La Brea tar pits and maybe the beach,weather permiting...

This is interesting...

okay so i have found a lj posting ap for my phone.

If only there were apps for Audible.com and xmradio.

ramblings on writing.

You know, and this is a fairly random thought, if short stories can win awards, can be turned into movies...

Why is it that there are those out there that lump "creative writing" in with writing a lot. I don't mean writing often or being prolific - I mean if you've a story to tell and keep it short in length this is some how not creative.

This makes no sense. In fact some times writers who write long books or whatever, are actually not thought of as great because they write so much beyond what they really needed to.

Wouldn't a really good writer find the method of writing that suits the story rather then simply applying the same method to all types of stories and characters?

If a character is a no-nonsense quick to anger, quick to act person who doesn't mull things over as he should - wouldn't it make sense that a story about him be told in a method that reflects that?

So 'he looked around and saw a living room' would be more appropriate then listing what the living room looked liked and all the furniture in it.

Nothing's happened or anything but this is merely a realization on why I've become so reluctant to RP anymore in other rooms, other places. You get people that are so expecting and when something that doesn't fit their way of thinking....it's wrong wrong wrong wrong. Instead of, this is different maybe it's interesting.

Instead there are front doors with signs that effectively say if you don't write a certain way don't bother entering. And even if there is no sign - people will say they're open but tend not to be. "Your post was two sentences that's to short. "


Read some books sometime people, pay attention to reality - people do not write in massive paragraphs nor do people live like that. It's generally much more rapidly paced. Contemplation occur in massive paragraphs or chapters with little dialogue. The bulk of multiple people scenes is dialogue and actions. The contemplative parts are usually around the beginning or end of a chapter or here and there but not before and after every bit of dialogue.

At least that's how it seems to me...
ROTFLMAO @ Supernatural season opener... and... "Becky" AKA "Webmistress@morethanbrothers.com" 

Seriously.  LOL  They're SO not helping themselves. It's hysterical.

And in other news I'M ON VACATION! HUZZAH!

Well that's egg on your trunk...

Some time last night my car was egged and now the paint is screwed up.

WTF? Why? Why the hell do people have to do shit like that? Go egg your own friggin car you moron! GRRRRR I try to take care of my car and then some one friggin EGGS IT!

One egg. One stinking egg that if I get it fixed will probably cost hundreds of dollars to repair!

If there is karma in the verse, this person should get bit on the ass. Literally by a dog.


Or attacked by a rabid squirrel.

Writer's Block: In a Jam

If you were in trouble or ran afoul of the law, which fictional detective or investigator—from tv, movies, or books—would you want to help you?

BATMAN! Hahaha.

Or Harry Dresden.
Robin's net is back down... :(

Robin is Offline..

Robin's offline, quite literally - Her power as of right now is still out. In case anyone was wondering. :-)

Happy Hanukkah night 2

It will be the second night of Hanukkah tonight but since my mom works today we did the gifts already. Yesterday I got a Kitchen Aid mixer (they look like and were created by the same people that make Hobart mixers which I use at work) and 3 jars of chutney in differant flavors. I gave my mom a big box of different trail mixes. (Don't laugh, the scales will even out lol)

Tonight I got a DVD-Writer and the new James Bond game. She got a terabyte drive for her desktop and a wireless network card for her laptop.

I kinda like this a few gifts at a time business... lol It's like ooh what's next tomorrow.

Interesting note: There is a Hanukkah station on XM Radio. Also Rabbi Bob Alper. FUNNY.